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“Standing on your deck, you're surrounded by nothing but rainforest and sky and creatures. Some of the animals you may see, others you only hear: coatis, crickets, even the stray ocelot.”


Awasi Iguazu



Stepping away
from the layout
of a classic hotel,
we have created villas
nestled in the jungle.

There are 13 Standard Villas, and 1 Master Villa.
Each villa has a private terrace and plunge pool,
and spacious living areas.
The master villa has a larger plunge pool
and living room allowing plenty of space
for two couples or families.

“As dusk approached, without fail, the calm and somber beauty of
the forest formed a unique majesty.”

Adrift by Horacio Quiroga (1878-1937)

A Refuge in the Jungle

Each suite takes the form of a stand-alone villa,
built on stilts for minimal environmental impact,
and with a private plunge pool.

Master of all Villas

One of the villas will have two bedrooms,
whilst the remaining 13 are designed
for couples or two friends.

Special Feature

The interiors feature traditional
textiles and baskets woven by the
indigenous Guarani people, who still
inhabit the region and are
our neighbours.

Discover the intricate range of sounds
that coexist in the rainforest...

  • Size matters

    Each villa has a coffee corner and large living room,
    as well as decking with sun loungers and a plunge pool.
    Each one measures 100 square meters.

  • Two bedrooms

    Spanning 150 square meters, the Master Villa
    has a living room and a larger plunge pool.

  • Space to live and breath

    Large living areas with spacious seating areas,
    jungle views and a coffee corner.

The home of your dreams, a world away from the rat race,
somewhere for you to relax and take life at your own pace…

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